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Medical Pedicure $45 

We specialize in medical pedicures. Medical pedicures combine skin and nail treatment of common foot problems with aesthetic footcare. We spend a lot of time grooming toenails, treating corns, calluses, cracked heels, ingrown or discolored / thick toenails and other foot problems, We provide these services in a relaxing atmosphere.


Medical pedicures are not covered by insurance, but they are affordable. Medical pedicures are ideal for patients who have common foot problems that are not covered by their insurance or simply want professional footcare in a safe and relaxing spa environment. 


Many patients schedule a polish change or buff & polish of toenails and manicure service to follow their medical pedicure service with one of our talented Nail Technicians. 


Non - Invasive Ingrown toenail care $65

We use a tiny strip of carbon fiber material that has been scientifically engineered and is applied to the top of the toenail with a specially developed adhesive. Once in place, the brace begins immediately to relieve pressure that causes the pain and discomfort of inflamed tissue around the toenail.


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