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Bella $20 – Nails are shaped and cuticles are nourished and cared for. Hand massage followed by the polish of your choice.

Noursih Spa $30 – Treat your hands to our spa manicure. A citrus soak and a luxurious hand and arm massage are added to our Bella manicure. The ultimate moisture manicure.


Nourish Luxe Spa $40 - Relax your hands in a warm citrus soak followed by a invigorating citrus scrub and a deep hydrating mask applied with hot towels. Complete with a hand and arm massage. Nails are filed and shaped with your choice of polish.


OPI Gel Manicure $35  - Basic manicure with gel polish.   


OPI Axxium UV Gel System

Axxium acts as an invisible layer of protection for your nails, keeping them strong so that they can grow without breaking. Plus, Axxium gives your nails incredible shine.


Gel Overlay $25 and up


Gel Set w/tips $35 and up


Gel Sculpt $45 and up

**Gel polish $20 add on** 




Bella $25 – A warm soothing foot bath with dead sea rock salts to soothe aches and pains and soften skin, nails are clipped and shaped, cuticles nourished and cared for followed by a moisturizing foot massage with our Barefoot Botanica Cracked Heel Repair Crème finished with your choice of polish.

Nourish Spa $35 - Feet soaked with warm citrus, nails are clipped and filed, cuticles are cared for and nourished. Callus care performed to smooth and refine feet using our intensive moisture barefoot Botanica Cracked Heel Repair Scrub, followed by a soothing foot massage with our Barefoot Botanica Cracked Heel Crème finished with your choice of polish.


Nourish Signature $45 - This ultimate pedicure starts with a dead sea salt soak to soften skin, relax and ease aches and pains. A hydrating cuticle treatment is used after nails clipped and shaped. Callus scrub is used to refine skin. A deep hydrating foot mask is applied with warm towels to aid penetration of moisture followed by a foot and leg massage. Base coat, your choice of polish and top coat applied.



We start with an Epsom salt soak to address any aches and pains. Nails are clipped and shaped. Cuticles are nourished and cared for. Callus care is performed followed by a foot massage with an ice cooling gel that helps relieve tired and achy feet followed by a buff and your choice of polish.



Toe Nail Restoration 

The beauty industry's only pedicure-specific light curing one component resin, Barefoot is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result. Barefoot is still flexible after curing and adjusts to the movement of the nails and feet - completely comfortable and natural. Available in a variety of natural shades, Barefoot can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails. Toe nail repair/replacement $65/ (30 min) Full Set $250 (2 hours +)



Additional Nail Services

Buff and Shine $14


Buff & Polish (finger or toes) $17


French Polish $10


Nail Art - $5 and up


Ionic Foot Detox $36 (30 min)

Your Safety Comes First


Our Nail Technicians and Podiatrists use both Autoclave and Cold Sterilization of instruments in order to assure protection against bacterial and fungal infections. Many spas and salons use inferior methods of sanitization. 

An autoclave is a pressure chamber used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C (249°F) for around 15–20 minutes depending on the size of the load and the contents.

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